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Space Madness

Educational Hazards

LJ is apparently dead to me. Twitter/Facebook appears to have supplanted it since I actually *gasp* post short bits, where LJ I feel obligated to do longer blog-type entries. Some of you may have missed this amusing kiddo story from a month ago though:

So yesterday I headed to Lowe's to pick up some supplies, Corey in tow. Shortly after getting there, he tells me he's got to potty. No big deal, we finally find the bathroom, he goes, and we head back into the labyrinth to collect the supplies.

I'm half on top of the car in the midst of strapping some lumber down, he suddenly says at full volume: 'Daddy! Poop!' I scramble down, close the car up and rush back inside ... too late.

So, I'm trying to clean Corey up who is already well-distracted and over the accident. He just wants to get going again. Wiggling, attempting to put his hands on everything, and talking. I'm trying to keep his voice down to a reasonable level since I'm a bit annoyed and the restroom is the doorless kind, likely projecting every noise into the shopping space.

I'm in the midst of the cleanup and I hear him say "boobies ... boobies"

Then at the loud, echoing volume only 5-year olds can muster:
"Boobies Daddy, What is that!"
"Why is it there? On the wall?"

The hazards of having a very literate 5 year old. Thank you for the random education, anonymous wall-scribbler.
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Justifiable damage

Largely I've ignored posting anything to LJ lately, since half the crap I start writing sounds like emo douchebaggery. However, I just couldn't pass up the chance to do a good work-related rantage even if it's being exacerbated by the fact I'm essentially being required do put in 10 hour days to the end of the year.

The application I work on feeds content out to a very large and public-facing website. Naturally, there's an amazing amount of attention paid to it from all levels. Lately, accessibility has been a hot topic since it's public-facing and falls under Section 508 governmental rules. Some pages got flagged as an issue since there were images that didn't have alt text (allowing screen readers to determine what they are, etc). The developers on the server side where the pages were built decided to fix this quickly, without consulting anyone.

The brilliant solution? Set it to 'i'.
Which was implemented right to production.
Which throws other validation errors.
Which was set on loading it into the database.

So, either thousands of pages have to be redeployed to the site, or a somewhat risky database modification needs to be done. Brilliant, right?
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Summer Blitz

Had a shore week in Ocean City, and then not too long after there were 2 weeks in Maine where I worked part of the time. It feels like I've gotten absolutely nothing accomplished for work or at home in the past in the past couple months with all the traveling, travel prep, and plain ol' time off.

Coming back to a 'normal' workweek has been brutal, and I feel like I'm not making progress anywhere. Managing to tread water on keeping the house a bit together, but massive fail everywhere else and it's been bugging me like heck. Lots I want to do, folks I want to see, and nothing gets done.

The topper? News that our OT target for the rest of the year is 25%.
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There's just something satisfying about doing physical work after untold hours of code wrangling and conference calls. The planting of more cold-weather stuff in the garden over the weekend and distributing compost was satisfying. The whole compost process of discarded food scraps and other lawn scraps is pretty cool, especially when tearing the pile apart and seeing the layers of the process at work. That kind of stuff I'd miss in the city, but there's always options of rooftop/entire lawn gardening, even if light might be somewhat of a problem.

So when's spring without an icy cold cutting wind going to appear?
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.. is my life. I keep thinking of perfect things to post as I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep, but I promptly forget them.

New iMac has been ordered for those of you who didn't see that bit of news elsewhere. Thanks to a freelance job building a dynamic website in Drupal, we actually had the cash. Even so, I still agonized over spending the money, but it makes sense to upgrade now. The G4's pretty long in the tooth, and this will replace my 'gaming' machine as well, thanks to the upgraded graphics.

Anyone else got a lead on site work? Current client is insanely happy he'll be able to edit his content right in the web and not have to muck with raw HTML or pay for every little update.
Space Madness


I had a pretty vivid dream where I opened my own restaurant in a converted diner. Even down to the layout of the place and the logo. Bits of the menu too - nothing pretentious or overdone, just real food.

I half wonder if the subconscious is trying to tell me something. I've of course thought about doing the eatery thing before, but never in so much detail. Granted, it doesn't exactly seem like the best time to open a brand new place when others are closing. Huge time/$ investment, but the strangely the only big concern I keep thinking about is all the health regs and managing the food stocks. Some places have a person wholly devoted to food procurement because it can make or break a place. You don't want to overstock, because then it goes bad and is wasted but you also don't want to keep running out of things.

The alternative is a place similar to Spring in Paris. It's small, more like hosting a large family dinner with a set menu based on what he found was good at the markets that day. Of course, doubt I've got the skills for that - much less in suburbia.

Still, fun to think about. The growing dislike of suburbia can wait for another rant.
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Last week the HD in my desktop went bad with no warning. The status still showed normal, but attempting to repair, format, restore, or reinstall the OS failed on every attempt. I've been using Mozy to store the supercritical stuff offsite but the real savior of the day was OSX's Time Machine. Ordered a new HD next-day, installed it, and 'restore from Time Machine' got me back up and running like nothing ever happened. I'm very thankful I got a new external HD for christmas. Having a bootable backup that's not going to require you to reinstall everything is priceless! I could make my own system for doing this, but TM just works.

Hope this reminds the rest of you guys to have a backup solution - even if you're just dumping to DVD every month!
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Next Generation

I'm raising the next generation of computer nerds it seems. My 16 month old is currently on my lap, banging away on the work laptop with notepad maximized. It's funny how engrossed both of them can get, sometimes imitating me working with a book propped open as a 'laptop'. oops. Keys are getting popped off now...
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Fiscal responsibility is for suckers

That's the message I'm getting lately between the collapse of my 401k, the housing "bailout" and now with the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS). We'd been looking at private schools for the oldest kiddo due to the headaches in trying to get him accepted to public school early (even after going through a private K program).

According to the SSS, we can afford to foot the bill for private school to the tune of 20-30% of my salary. Sure. If I pillage my home's equity, drain the kiddo's college funds, use my non-401k retirement stocks ... no problem!